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Well, as some might have noticed in the history blog; I didn't know shit about making  electronic music, or digital equipment.

Nevertheless, I bought a M-audio Oxygen49 keyboard -MIDI controller which came with a Steinberg Interface in the summer of 2018. It included a softwarepackage containing Ableton Live Lite 9 and Cubase Elements 9. So I hooked the gear up and managed to create some first sounds and very simple tracks.

Maybe two months later things started to crackle, pause and becoming real shitty. I thought the speakerset's been blown up or something, so I left this new stuff alone for quite a while. A few months later I tested the speakerset on another amp and nothing was wrong!! 

Allright, what is going on? And more important; what is going wrong? Somehow I found out that the CPU I used overloaded big time!!

Now it just happened to be that someone I know was trying to sell his old desktop for a nice price,  so I made the deal.


This is why Kosmonoxcide started in January 2019!


So with everything working again, I started to make tracks and learned to work with Ableton. Big Fun!

I also learned the new CPU was not that powerful so it was time to bring in some new gear. (may 2020)

It just had to be this way because shortly after the new gear was installed, I stumbled into a course producing with Ableton Live! (see link)              Here I learned -and still learning-an awful fuckin' lot and the better for the sound quality!!

This process never ends and I think it's a lot of fun!


In December 2021 I got the chance to start my own radioshow "Het Hoge Noorden" on Inside Out Radio.

A few months later I could buy some cheap DJ Gear . So 2022 is the year next to producing  I might do some underground DJ-ing


Next to music I like photography. Try to shoot surreal pictures and use as less photoshop possible.

I like to use my own pics in the music clips next to video's. I have this 'Night Vision' thing with short videoclips made while walking and cycling ( Youtube)

I tell you.... makin' video's is fun  but takes a lot of patience. :)

When I played drums in this Mahlstrom project, I made some A/V. Unfortunately not Mahlstrom's music. Only my pictures to go with Heilung and Tryptikon. Just a hobby of mine. Made most of the vids from my old bands too. This stuff's on YT (you can watch @ PicsBlack Photography blog) Other vids at the History and Background  blog.


The music

 Although making several styles of music, a lot of my tracks have this dark edge or dealing with grim reality.

I guess I'm doing this to raise awareness because I don't consider myself being grim or dark at all!

For instance: 

The track Soul Consumer is about narcissism and the clip The thin Line between Fiction and Reality speaks for itself. 

For the ones who want to hear lovesongs, buy a radio!!



The name Kosmonoxcide:

Late 2015 my RMA trainer's cat got kittens and one of them (the most crazy one) lives over here. He listens to the name Kosmo.

Because of the stupid jokes we make the cat got a lot of names. One of them is Kosmonoxcide, which refers to Koolmonoxide meaning Carbon monoxide. I just added a 'C' to it.

Other crazy names for the cat are Dr.Andus Kosmonov (the russian CEO from Kosmonoxcide) Kosferatu, Kosmodo Dragon, Kosmosauris and La Kosmo Nostra.




Kosmonoxcide uses: Ableton10 Live Standard, Novation LPX, UNO synth, m-audio Oxygen49,Steinberg interface,256Gb SSDHD,16GbRAM,i5




Dr.Andus Kosmonov

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